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You don’t fully appreciate what you have until you no longer have it.

This is so true for me at the moment, as after nearly 30 years of working for some pretty big businesses I have decided to become self-employed.

I love being self-employed it has so many positives but none of the employee benefits I have been used to having.

I will certainly miss my holiday pay and having the security of knowing I will be paid if I am poorly for a couple of days or longer term and I miss having someone to organise my insurance, tax and finances and help me set up and contribute to my pension.

I no longer have access to an onsite gym, yoga or sports massage and I don’t have a subsidised café (my kitchen has a strict – ‘do it yourself’ policy!).

So what I’m saying is, take another look at the employee benefits on offer to you.

Maybe tell your boss what you value and possibly what you don’t and always mention if you spot something that might have the potential to be a good fit in your work place.

Employee benefits can transform a good place to work into a great place to work.


Viv – Your Diary Manager



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