Kim’s Column : Investors in PAs

As a business community are we doing enough to invest in our regional talent?  I recently read ‘6 Ways To Take Control of Your Career Development When Your Company Doesn’t Care About It’ in the Harvard Business Review (Jan 2018), and I realised that so much of it applies to Assistants. Read more >>

We are now in the era of do-it-yourself career development, and Assistants have been in this era for a long time now. The reality is that the burden is on employees to learn to identify their own weaknesses, uncover their blind spots, and strengthen their skills.

Yet surely by not investing in developing our people, we are impacting on our company’s productivity?

Unfortunately, organizations today are unknowingly leaving employees with skill gaps and blind spots that can derail careers and organisational effectiveness.

We all have a part to play in the developing the local talent pool to ensure long-term economic development, and yet firms take a more short-term approach where they refuse to see the value in investing in people who are likely to eventually leave (on average every 4-years).

This short-sighted view is impacting on the City’s productivity leading to a lack of high-level skills and experience in the regional talent pool. When was the last time that ‘personal development’ was treated as a major initiative in your company?

investors in PAs Kim Glover