They said about us:

Victoria Darragh, CEO of Executive & Personal Assistants Association

‘...regular business breakfasts, development evenings and an annual conference–all events are high quality and consistent. What the network is doing, ultimately, is to ensure the local PAs are continuing to keep up-skilled and providing a high level support service to businesses across the city.


‘I have watched the Exeter PA Network grow from a small group to now one of the most successful regional PA Networks across the United Kingdom. Indeed, the framework of the network and what it delivers to local EAs and PAs is a sought after model to follow by many other regions.


‘The ultimate aims of the Exeter PA Network are to allow members from different businesses and sectors to share best practice, collaborate, and connect PAs to each other's businesses, as well as local organisations and service providers–this in turn supports the continued generation of business across the city and growth of the region. But this has been promoted to peer professionals across the UK as well, promoting the concept of Exeter being a place to do business. This kind of representation the local region/city couldn’t buy...’


Sally Gregory, Executive Assistant to Chief Operating Officer and HR Director at Met Office

‘Great value, with fantastic "takeaways" in terms of learning and personal development… an amazing opportunity to network and share best practice with other PAs from the area.’

Karen Gander-bw-small

Karen Gander, PA to Managing Director, PenCarrie Ltd

‘I joined the Exeter PA Network six months ago and I’ve already been introduced to over 6 different service providers and each recommendation has resulted in a successful commercial transaction and consequently a cost and/or time saving for our business. Examples include travel, accommodation and venue suppliers, training companies and marketing agencies. This week alone we have saved approximately £100 per person on one group hotel room booking.


‘In addition, the opportunity to meet other PAs through the Network is invaluable–personally and again from a commercial perspective. One benefit that my employer particularly values is the money-saving benefits of a good PA and these are only enhanced once PAs start swapping recommendations and tips! And not only savings, but this has resulted in improvements in best practice and recruitment for example.


‘Kim Glover is a wonderful ambassador for the Network: she’s great at organising and promoting the Network and the events, which are always fun and very useful. She is a wonderful speaker, extremely engaging and I think this is why the Network attracts a good mix of PAs and vendors. To prove this point, it was Kim who persuaded my employer to encourage me to join the Network in the first place!’

Andy Workman-bw-small

Andy Workman, Director of The Beehive Natural Health Practice (Speaker at our October 17 Conference)

‘I would not only highly recommend the Network's events as a great outreach channel for speakers and businesses, but would actively seek any opportunity to work with them again.’

Debbie Hutchinson-bw-small

Debbie Hutchinson, Relationship Manager at SITU

‘We’ve been lucky enough to sponsor an event on location, partnered with Birwood Legal Recruitment; for SITU the event was a great success generating enquiries, bookings and further meetings with local businesses...’


Carol Ramsden, PA to Director of IT at Michelmores LLP

‘The Exeter PA Conference was the Conference of the year! Well planned and organised, it had a great combination of interesting speakers, keeping us spell-bound from topics on cyber security, IT tips, managing mind-set through to positive attitudes–you could feel the energy in the room!’

Lucy Brazier-Publisher of Executive Secretary Magazine-bw-small

Lucy Brazier, CEO Marcham Publishing – Publisher of Executive Secretary Magazine

‘There is no doubt that businesses across the UK are benefiting from the vision and drive of the Exeter PA Network. They are a pleasure to work with and I am proud to have been part of their journey. 


‘Exeter PA Network was one of the first regional networks in the UK. Launched in 2012, the network connects Assistants across Exeter, encouraging them to strive for excellence and share best practice through a series of exceptional events, social media, and a newsletter.


‘The network never fails to provide information that is both inspirational and educational. I have had the honour of presenting at several of their events, including an event they held for Exeter's business leaders last year, which explained the value of a PA and what they are capable of delivering if you use them properly.


‘Off the back of the excellent work that Kim Glover and her team have done, many other networks have sprung up across the UK and thousands of Assistants are able to take part in training and development opportunities - many for the first time. The Exeter PA Network has become a strong model for other networks and works with many of them to form a wider network across the UK.’

Sandra Sampson-Sampson Hall-bw-small

Sandra Sampson of Sampson Hall Limited, and founder of BEEP: Business Empowering Employment Programme

‘The Exeter PA Network, run by Kim Glover, is an amazing group of professional women and men who come together to achieve great things whilst sharing best practice and knowledge.


‘They chose to elect and support my charity BEEP (Business Empowering Employment Programme) as their Charity of the Year. The charity helps some of the most disadvantaged and disempowered 16–24 year olds from the Exeter community to find and sustain employment.


‘Their energy, compassion, determination and imagination knows no bounds and their fundraising has been significant in enabling additional programmes to be undertaken. The professionalism of their chair, Kim Glover, and her team is evident in every dealing we have had with the organisation, from their amazing breakfast series to the quality of speakers at their annual conference. I have rarely come across such a professional, super organised, expertly run yet welcoming group who shine in everything they do.’

Nicola Quick, Executive Assistant to Sandy Goscomb–Director of Finance & Resources at Chief Constable's Office, Police Headquarters, Middlemoor

‘I can’t wait for next year's conference!’

Claire Sinclair-Stedman-bw-small

Claire Sinclair-Stedman, Legal Support Manager at Ashfords LLP

‘What a fantastic day–really inspiring and relevant speakers, good mix of suppliers and excellent opportunities to network with a range of EAs and PAs.


All presentations were relevant to those in a support role, however, personally, I found Andy Workman and Paul Vice MC particularly inspiring and thought-provoking. I have spoken to our HR department about Andy running some training on mental wellbeing in our business and we are putting in place Mental Health First Aiders. Thanks for a great day and once again providing a conference that is beneficial to individuals and the businesses they support.’