Why join in?

More the question, why not?  There are many benefits to both PAs and the organisations they work for. Here are just a few:

  • Attending training workshops, building awareness and developing skills, including social media, strategy, finance, brand awareness and technology, to increase effectiveness and productivity
  • Developing a wider understanding of the business community in Exeter and beyond, helping members to identify opportunities for their business to get involved, or simply develop an enhanced understanding of the challenges faced by the member's own organisation
  • Helping members to identify people, organisations and service providers they could do business with
  • Expanding networks and strengthening relationships with new and existing business contacts - PAs are ambassadors for their organisations and can help raise their organisation's profile, as well as deliver significant added value through their own networks
  • Building confidence and raising the profile of PA roles - encouraging our members to receive the recognition they deserve.  We now have national award winning PAs within our membership
  • Joining the mentoring hub to share practical advice and best practice tips and development resources to assist members in being the most efficient PA they can be
  • Making friends and having fun with new peers in a friendly and supportive environment

Help spread the word about this Network and the benefits it brings to PAs and their organisations!


Click on the image below to download a poster setting out all the reasons for a PA to join the Network, and either post it up in your office and/or send it to your contacts.


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